PAVE-EL Pedestal System

Transform Plain Old Places Into Fabulous New Spaces!

It has never been so easy to transform wasted space into a fabulous new outdoor living area. Envirospec PAVE-EL Pedestal systems offer an easy and affordable way to create luxurious patios, decks and raised floors anywhere, even on a sloped roof.

When constructing elevated floors of any type, whether roof decks, terraces, swimming pool decks, raised patios or rooftop gardens, PAVE-EL pedestals make the job easier, quicker and will save you money. Elevating, levelling and uniformly spacing your pavers, porcelain or other surface materials while protecting the substrates in waterproofed installations, PAVE-EL is a game-changer.

The PAVE-EL pedestal is a grid-like structure composed of high-density polyethylene with integral spacer ribs located on the upper surface to ensure uniform joint spacing.

Incredibly versatile, PAVE-EL Pedestals are an excellent solution and can be used in a variety of projects and locations. When creating unique outdoor spaces, no space is off-limits any longer. The PAVE-EL elevated pedestal system can be used wherever you’re constructing a raised floor.

PAVE-EL Pedestals

Enjoy quick, easy and accurate installation! No lasers or special tools are required for installation, and spacer ribs ensure uniform joint width.

PAVE-EL Pedestals are readily subdivided to provide perimeter edge and corner support, saving you money. Levelling plates compensate for unevenness of substrate or pavers and deck-to-drain slope.

PAVE-EL Pedestals can be installed directly on all types of flat roof surfaces – membrane, foam insulation, bitumen board etc., – and no adhesives or pads are necessary for installation.

PAVE-EL is available in four model sizes (4X, 5X, 6X, & 7X), each rated to handle various paver stone sizes and live loads. Pedestals may be easily separated into halves or quarters to accommodate perimeter-edge and corner support.

Envirospec PAVE-EL Pedestals have been used for more than 40 years with ZERO product failures and are backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty.

Protected roof membrane insulation manufacturers recommend PAVE-EL paver stone pedestals, + PAVE-EL pedestals are recognized and accepted for use by single-ply membrane manufacturers.

For more information about compatibility between membrane and Pedestal, CONTACT US for assistance with your project.

Benefits of the PAVE-EL Elevated Pedestal System

  • Thanks to the perfect drainage built into the PAVE-EL Pedestal System, surfaces do not become slippery or icy; rainwater drains away quickly, minimizing the risk of slips & falls. This immediate drainage also helps prevent shifting caused by freeze/thaw cycles, making the system perfect for around the pool or hardscapes in Canada.
  • The unique design of PAVE-EL Pedestals allows them to be stacked up to 6” to create limited height adjustment while maintaining maximum stability of your pavers.
  • Building on a slope? This adaptable system can raise your floor to any height you need and overcome incline issues quickly and effortlessly. The PAVE-EL system has the capability to correct up to a slope of 5-percent utilizing custom levelling plates, which can be stacked up to three plates of 1/8” each.
  • PAVE-EL Pedestal Systems are solid and durable. Offering exceptional load-bearing strength, pedestals provide easy access to whatever lays below, making inspections of hidden piping and electrical systems a breeze whenever you need access.
  • Weather-Resistant and maintenance-free, the PAVE-EL system is self-cleaning and ultra-violet stabilized. It is unaffected by sunlight, ozone, humidity or water.

PAVE-EL Pedestal System Applications

AROUND THE POOL – PAVE-EL Pedestals allow for perfect drainage between and beneath your surface material, making them ideal for pool decks. A raised pedestal system is also a great way to hide plumbing systems underneath, with easy access to them when needed.

RAISED FLOORS & PATIOS – Anywhere you want to build a raised floor or patio, elevated pedestal systems are a quick and easy solution that will save you money.

BALCONIES – The PAVE-EL pedestal system is a proven solution for installing paver stones on condo and apartment house balconies that are exposed to the elements. The grid-like structure of PAVE-EL prevents water entrapment, freeze/thaw damage to pavers and membrane deterioration.

ROOFTOP DECKS – Creating a layer between your roof’s membrane and your patio surface, PAVE-EL pedestals cause no damage to your roof, even shielding it from the elements and extending its lifespan. PAVE-EL also prevents water entrapment, leading to freeze/thaw damage to pavers and membrane deterioration.

ROOFTOP GARDENS & GREEN ROOFS – PAVE-EL pedestals can help you build an environmentally friendly, functional and aesthetically-pleasing roof garden. Providing superior protection of roof membranes, effective stormwater management and better insulation while maintaining the integrity of the roof components, PAVE-EL can help you transform unused areas into functional and attractive green space.

UNDER AC UNITS – Whether on the ground or rooftop, PAVE-EL’s patented through-drainage and air vent design are ideal under air conditioning units. Air circulation and elevation of pavers reduce heat conductance, which keeps the membrane from expanding while maintaining the insulation thermal efficiency.

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